Signum Regis
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2012-06-06 Gig on Friday, 8th June 2012, Bratislava

Vindex live 20120608, Bratislava

2012-04-02 VINDEX live in Bratislave, U ocka, 13.4.2012!

Vindex live 20120413, Bratislava

2011-10-14 Vindex supports Theocracy in Bratislava

Vindex will support Theocracy in Bratislava, club Randal.
Vindex, Theocracy

2011-03-09 Mike Terrana show with VINDEX support in Bratislava

Mike Terrana poster

2011-02-15 Tour dates in April, cover for streaming

There are 2 gigs confirmed in April. On 12th April, we are supporting Mike Terrana on his drumming show! More info in the tour section.

A gift for our fans:
We recorded Metallica - No Remorse cover during the studio sessions for Ultima Thule in 2009, but never released it, so you can now listen to it at youtube.

2010-10-07 For Spotify users

Our latest album "Ultima Thule" is now available at Spotify, go check it out!"

2010-09-28 For Signum Regis fans

The new Signum Regis CD will be released on 12th Nov 2010 via Inner Wound recordings. You can preorder the CD now directly from the label's eshop here.

2010-09-03 Digital release of Ultima Thule

The album Ultima Thule was released digitaly via Deep Within Music. This release contains 2 previously unreleased tracks:
- My Time Is Gonna Come
- Polar Ride

You can find it on iTunes, Amazon.com, Amazon.de

01. Arctic Circle Daydreaming
music: Filip Koluš
02. Forever Metalized
music: Ronnie König, lyrics: Tommy König
03. Far Down Under The Ground
music: Filip Koluš, Ronnie König, lyrics: Tommy König
04. Reptilization
music: Ronnie König, lyrics: Tommy König
05. The Last Of The Mountain Kings
music: Ronnie König, lyrics: Tommy König
06. Denim & Leather
music: Ronnie König, lyrics: Ronnie & Tommy König
07. Ultima Thule
music: Ronnie König, lyrics: Tommy König
08. Siege Of Syracuse
music: Filip Koluš, Ronnie König, lyrics: Ronnie & Tommy König
09. Back Home
music: Ronnie & Tommy König, lyrics: Tommy König
10. Once Given Up For Lost
music: Ludìk Struhaø, Filip Koluš, lyrics: Tommy König

2010-03-31 New review and interview

Review and interview at www.lordsofmetal.nl in both English and Dutch. More in the press section.

2010-03-12 10 out of 10 @ www.metalmundus.pl

10 out of 10 from our Polish brothers! www.metalmundus.pl